02 Apr

How to Build a Plastic Model Airplane from a Kit

Kids and adults alike find building model airplanes a fun and fulfilling hobby. However, if you are new to this hobby, you may find it hard to get started, so much more to finish your first model. But there are some helpful steps that can guide you.

Building a model airplane from a kit can be divided into four general steps and each step involves several sub-steps that you can easily follow through:

model airplane
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16 Apr

Top 5 Military Fighter Planes in the World

With all the wars happening in various parts of the worlds, some people have become curious about the military planes used to win respective battles. Military planes play a vital role in warfare as they are used to survey enemy locations and destroy enemy equipment among others. Various countries in the world develop their own military planes.

Based on armament, stealthiness, range, speed and technology, we have listed some of the best military fighter planes in the world:

1. F-22 Raptor (USA)

F-22 Raptor is a single-seat all-weather stealth fighter aircraft operated with twin engines developed for the US Air Force.
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28 Nov

Postponed Meeting

I volunteer to the local hobby shop three times a week and it is really fun to meet other people with the same passion as mine. Some of the guys are planning to make a competition about building model planes specifically, speed model building. I am excited to know about it and I asked them if anyone could join because it has been a while since I entered a competition like that. They told me that I could join and they added that there would be age groups, so that the competition will be fair to all contestants. I am so thrilled about it and I was told that it would happen in two months. They told me that they would love to know my opinions and suggestions because I have been around many competitions. I told them that it is okay and I suggested that we have a meeting later at my place after work. They thanked and told me that they will continue to make their plans better.

The shop’s phone rang and I thought that it is just an innocent call who would just be asking about stocks and prices for the plane models for sale. My co-worker answered it and he told me that it is for me. I was surprised that it is my neighbor, Jackie. She told me that my wife had an accident when she was gardening in our backyard. I asked her about what kind of accident and she told me she had a foot  sprain and it is swelling a bit. I thanked and I told her that I would be coming home as soon as possible. I told my co-worker and friends that I have to attend to my wife. They asked me if our meeting later would be postponed and I said that I would update them as soon as I know the real condition of my wife.

I rushed to get home to my wife and I saw her smiling while sitting down on our couch. I asked her if she is okay and she said that she feels some pain on the affected area. I asked her where is Jackie and she told me that she is in our kitchen getting her some ice to put over her sprain. I went to the kitchen and thanked Jackie for all that she has done. I added that she could go home already because I can manage caring for my wife. She said that it is okay because she was already done with her chores and errands.

Jackie used to be a nurse at our local hospital and I am glad that she is here to take care of my beloved wife. She told me that my wife could take some over-the-counter pain relievers if she could not bear the pain anymore. She also added that I could have my wife get an x-ray to be sure that she does not have any fractures and sinus tarsi syndrome. My wife do not want to go, but Jackie insisted because she said that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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01 Nov

Itchy Ears

My son, Brad loves dogs and in fact, he occasionally breeds them for some easy cash. He posts them on forums on the internet and some online selling sites like Craigslist. He has two beautiful, majestic and muscular Rottweilers named Boom and Cookie. He often spends time with them at the park for training and exercise; sometimes, for socializing with dogs around our area. His wife jokes often than he loves his dogs more than himself, which Brad just laughs off as sometimes it may be true. Brad shared with me that he spends hundreds of dollars for their food, leashes, treats, vitamins and dog shampoos.

I remembered last time when his dogs became sick as they had a yeast allergy in their ears. The dogs kept scratching their ears until they bleed, it must be really that itchy. He hadn’t encountered this before, so he was worried about them. I told him that there’s a veterinary clinic few blocks away so he need not to worry so much as I’ve heard many good things about the veterinarian there. The doctor told us that it’s pretty common for dogs to have infection inside their ears. That made my son a bit calmer.

Dog ear problems always have something to do with food allergies or something they inhaled or contacted with their skin. The ear problem may be the symptom of the allergy. Since allergies changes the environment inside their ears, we sometimes see secondary infections with bacteria, yeast or both. If we simply handle the ear infection, we are not going to the source of the problem. Treating the allergy is also a must.

Yeast allergies in the ears of dogs occur when there’s a bacterial infection, a polyp or a tumor, or a punctured eardrum. Typically, dogs have a normal and healthy number of yeast in their bodies like humans, but when their immune system drops down dramatically, it may lead to yeast overgrowth or yeast infection. Signs and symptoms include scratches and wounds on the ear and pungent smells reminiscent of a moldy bread or a cheese flavored popcorn.

The dog’s diet must be drastically changed completely to get rid of the yeast infection. As we all know, yeast feeds on sugar, so let’s avoid feeding the dog carbohydrates for now. Examples of carbohydrates include rice, corn, bread, potatoes, pasta, yams, anything sweet, etc.

An allergy medicine for dogs can be a combination of anti-fungal and anti-biotic cream or ointment which is best recommended for yeast infections as it is directly applied into the infected area, which often has dramatic and positive results. This works through the action of the anti-fungal enzymes that completely break up the waxes and discharges inside the ears. Oral medicines such as antihistamines and steroids may also be used if itch and inflammation doesn’t go away easily. You also have to clean the dog’s ears regularly and make sure there are no ear waxes left inside as it may further aggravate the condition.

Brad was so happy that the condition and the treatment isn’t complicated. He was told to apply the cream two times a day for a week or so, until the pungent odor completely goes away. I hope, Brad’s dogs are now going to be itch free for the coming days ahead.

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07 Oct

Enduring Bunions

My wife’s tailors bunion has been bugging her for months as she needs to carefully fit her shoes when buying. The problem is that she always buys her shoes without fitting in as she already knows her shoe size. She was wondering what can cause the bunions so she can avoid it. I asked her to come down to local hobby shop where I volunteer at lunchtime because there is a near podiatry clinic in there. We tried to book an appointment but the receptionist told us that they were fully booked for the day. We just decided that for the meantime, we just have to search for ourselves on the web to get reliable information about bunions. We learned that there are shoe orthotics designed for people who suffer that same fate as my wife’s but we can only order it online because it was too far as it’s 4 states away from us. She ordered and told me that it will take a week before it can be delivered.

Anyway, my wife and I decided to visit Brad’s home since it’s just 5 blocks away. We explained to him her mom’s foot problem and that is bothering her everyday because it often causes her to have foot pain. It even caused her to have calluses and corns on the other toes. Brad told us that he knows someone who had himself treated by surgery and he hasn’t felt any pain since then.   My wife’s not interested in enduring and going through that but she still wanted a consult with his friend’s podiatrist if it is possible. Brad told me that he can ask tomorrow since it is his co-worker in the office.

As we got home, we received a call from Brad giving us the podiatrist’s number. My wife rushed to the phone to call the doctor but she kept getting busy from the line of the doctor for the first few calls. On the 6th call, she got lucky and was transferred to the receptionist. She said the she can book her a schedule next week. She also apologized because of the calls always keeps getting busy and hard to get through because their phone lines were under maintenance that day.

After a week’s worth of enduring pain by my wife, we finally got into the clinic for our booked schedule. We noticed that were many people waiting outside. This podiatrist must be really good. We waited for about 30 minutes to be called. We spend that time to ask some people waiting like us if he’s really good on what he do. They told us that he had done wonders on them. Not only that he’s a great doctor but he also he makes it a point that the patients can afford his services. We were happy with the great feedback as we entered the patient’s room.

The doctor politely greeted us as we returned the favor. He and my wife talked about her conditions as I listened on. He also laid all the options that my wife can do. We were so happy with the consult and we’re planning to go back next week for the treatment. My wife wanted to exhaust all other possible treatments before undergoing surgery.

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21 Sep

Decisions, decisions…

As you all know, I recently resigned and my wife and I wanted to buy a cat now that I have more free time. We haven’t decided on what breed to buy yet as we’re still researching. We’re currently looking at Siamese cats, American Shorthairs and Persian cats as early favorites because they’re so cute and cuddly.

I’ve never been really a cat person, as I’ve never had a cat, not even my family, although I’m open to new experiences. Lately, I’ve been frequenting this pet shop across the airplane hobby shop that I tend to during my lunch hours. I told the owner that we’ve planned to get a cat for our home. He told me that the best cats that suits us is the American Shorthair as they gentle, easy going, and low maintenance, a perfect breed for old folks like us. Another candidate would be the Scottish Fold cat breeds because, they too, are laid-back, mellow, loyal and their meow sound aren’t that loud.

The owner also educated me about the proper care for cats in general. He explained that cats normally live up to as much as 20 years. Realizing that, getting them as pets would be a real challenge and a great responsibility to keep them healthy for that span of time.   Another decision to make is where would we let the cat stay, outdoors or indoors. My wife and I already decided that we’re keeping the cat inside our home. I also learned that cats don’t need to be bathed as they can clean up after themselves, unlike dogs that has to be bathed frequently.

Cat’s health is also important that’s why choosing the right brand of food and the right amount of water to give the cat. Some people choose to make homemade cat food to know exactly what they’re feeding their beloved pets. Taking the cat to a veterinarian every 3 months or as needed is crucial. Your pet should have updated vaccines and checkups annually. You should also be aware of their whereabouts as roundworms in cats are common because they often lick their feet regardless on where they walked. Try to avoid unnecessary accidents by keeping away things that probably can poison or hurt the cat. Such things include liquid detergents, insecticides, people-food and plants like tulips, azaleas, lilies, and aloes. If ever you suspect that your pet got poisoned, call the nearest veterinarian in your area and take him there. Take note of the substances or chemicals he accidentally ingested. Get a sample of the vomit or feces of the cat to take for the veterinarian to examine. It will save your pet’s life.

The American Shorthairs and Scottish Fold cats are going to be our final options, thanks to the kind owner of the pet shop, who educated me about cat breeds and the diseases to watch out for like roundworms and manges in cats. I’m sure, when I get home, my wife’s going to be stoked as I tell her my researches. I hope we can decide soon on what breed to buy. The factors of course, are low-maintenance, gentle, cuddly, sweet and loyal. I’m also excited to have a new pet around our house.

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01 Sep

Brad’s Surprise

I noticed that my wife is running out of things to do in our home. She already finished planting and tending our new garden and they really look great. Some neighbors are asking about who made them that pretty and I am always proud to say that it is through the hard work of my loving wife. I asked her if she wanted a new dog and she told me that it would be so tiring to care for a very energetic dog who always has the need to be walked around every day. I thought to myself that she should just find a pet for her that suits her needs. I told her about my plan and she asked me not to buy her something big. I asked her if she wanted to come to the pet shop this coming weekend and she told me that our neighbor, Jackie is coming over to watch movies with her. She added that it is also better if I should just surprise her.

I called my son, Brad because I am not that good in finding presents for my wife. He was thrilled that I called because it has been a while since we last talked. He told me that he could find time to accompany me this weekend to the pet shop. He added that he also wanted to give his mom something good. The weekend finally came; Brad and I met at the pet shop at 7 AM. It was funny because we were too early, as we did not know that it opens at 8 AM. He asked me if there is somewhere that we can hang around and eat in the area. I told him that I am not really familiar with the establishments in the vicinity, so we both decided to just drive around and see if there is a nearby café or a diner.

It took us a while to find a good spot. We went to the café and Brad got me a cup of steaming brewed coffee with a bagel, while he got himself some mocha latte and a croissant. While we were waiting for the pet shop to open, we discussed about what to get her mom. He told me that his kids have been nagging him for a while for lionhead bunnies, exactly like the ones he saw online at www.mylittlebunnies.net. I asked him about it because I did not have any bunny facts in my brain. He told me that they are very popular nowadays. He shared that there are two types of lionheads, one has a single mane, while the other one has a double mane. I asked him if it is hard to take care of because her mom does not want something that will take most of her time of the day. My son told me that he does not have an idea and he plans to ask the sales person later at the shop.

We went to the shop and we were both thrilled that they are finally open. We saw the sales clerk and asked him about bunnies. We were told that they are an excellent choice of pet and we were delighted about what he said. My son asked me to let him pay for them because he wants his mom to be happy.

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11 Aug

Smokin’ Jimmy

I noticed that one of my friends who frequent the hobby shop has not been coming over for at least a week. I asked some of the guys why Jimmy doesn’t come every other day like he used to. They were surprised that I did not know what happened to him. They told me that he was diagnosed with bronchitis because he smokes two to three packs a day. They added that he just got home from a week long confinement at the hospital. I was shocked with what I have heard. I asked them if they already visited him and some of them said that they had, but they are planning to visit him again tomorrow. They added that I could come if I want to. I asked them where are we meeting and someone suggested that we meet at the shop after work.

I went home and told my wife about what happened to Jimmy. She was also shocked about it because she knows him. They used to be classmates when they were younger. She shared that he really was a smoker since then. I told my wife that she could come tomorrow. I told her that I could pick her up if she does not want to go alone to the shop. She remembered that I would be working there tomorrow, so it would be a hassle if I pick her up at home. She told me that she can manage to go to the shop alone.

The guys, my wife and I went to Jimmy’s home after work. Jimmy was so pleased to see us all. He was surprised that my wife also made it. We asked him about his condition and he told us that he had some problems breathing. He shared that he had chronic coughs and the phlegm and mucus had been giving him a hard time breathing. He tried to ignore it for weeks, but it became more serious as his wife even resulted to call 911 because he could not breathe properly.

Dr. Jackson told him that his symptoms are a toss-up between bronchitis vs. pneumonia and it was not hard to pinpoint because he just needs an x-ray and a sputum test to diagnose him properly. In just a few hours, the doctor told him that he has bronchitis and he was prescribed with antibiotics. He was also given a number of bronchitis remedies, like these. The doctor also asked him to try to quit smoking because it is just going to make his condition worse. However, his doctor told him not to quit right away to prevent withdrawal symptoms. He told him to lessen the sticks of cigarettes a day at a time until he finally consumes none. I asked him about his quitting experience and he told me that it is hard, but he did not have any choice and we all laughed. My wife told him that he should have quit when they were younger. Jimmy said that it is better late than never. We told Jimmy to take it a day at a time and he would surely be better.

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10 Jul


When my wife gave birth to my eldest, Brad, she was so conscious about her body because she often research on the web with the keywords how to remove stretch marks. At first, I found it amusing because she was looking to have a tattoo over her body and I know her too well that she could not endure such pain. She used to tell me that her mom had to drag her down to the dentist and she did not want to because she is afraid of needles. I asked my wife about what she read about tattoo over stretch marks. She told me that she spent endless hours of searching about the accurate information about it and she found out that it was not advisable to do so because stretch marks are not a good spot to be inked because some of it would appear lighter than the rest of the design.

I asked my wife about her plans on how to deal with them and she told me that she read many homemade remedies like exfoliating the affected part with a mix of sugar and olive oil and rubbing lemon juice on it and let it stay for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. She told me that she would try the two remedies that she mentioned for two weeks if it will work. She asked me a favor to photograph some parts of her stretch marks, so she could compare it after using the remedies for two weeks.

After two weeks, we compared it to her before picture and we saw some results, but it was not fast enough for my wife. She resorted to going to a dermatology clinic to consult her condition to the doctor. I accompanied her inside the clinic because she wanted me to hear what the doctor had to say. The doctor told my wife that her stretch marks are not that visible and she told her that it was because of the home remedy that she did for the last two weeks. The doctor asked her about the reason why she went to her clinic if she is already undergoing a treatment and my wife told her that it was not lightening as fast as she hoped. The doctor told her that they currently have an exfoliation treatment and a laser treatment for stretch marks.

Since my wife already had undergone exfoliation, she asked about the process of the laser treatment and its cost. The doctor told her that it would be twenty times pricier than exfoliation, but it would give her the results that she is longing for. My wife saw my reaction and she told the doctor that we still need to discuss about the treatment. We thanked the doctor for her time and we went home.

My wife and I discussed about it and we came to the resolution to be practical. I told her that the home remedies that she did is working, but it is not as fast as she hopes. I suggested that she does it more in a day to see better results and she agreed to try it for another two weeks.

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08 Jun

No Right Answers

One night, my wife and I tried to humor ourselves and took an interest in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It’s not really a test because there will be no right or wrong answers. I’ve heard various comments about it that it’s useless, baseless, and unstable but Forbes businessmen love it. It even made me more curious that psychologists, the creator’s peers, nullify the said indicator and chose other means to figure out personalities.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a very popular type of assessment tool which was designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions towards relationships. Perception involves the ability to see things, people, happenings, or ideas in a certain manner depending on your character. Judgment involves all the ways of coming to conclusions about what has been perceived. The goal of Isabel Briggs Myers, and her mother, Katharine Briggs, was to make the insights of type theory accessible to individuals and groups.

We came up with the results INFJ relationships and ENFJ relationships, respectively. INFJ stands for for Introvertive, iNtuitive, Feeling and Judging. It says that INFJs are patient, devoted and protective lovers. They make excellent parents as they are heavily bonded with their children. They are also capable of great depth of feeling and personal achievement. However, they have real high expectations of their children as they have the need and desire to push them to their fullest potentials. Moreover, explicit inner conflicts are also common in INFJ’s since enhancing their self-awareness sometimes make it difficult for them to understand their deepest and most intricate feelings.

Meanwhile, my wife’s result was ENFJ. ENFJ’s are people-focused individuals. They live in the world of people possibilities. They have the most exceptional people skills among the other types. They have a good heart and always focus on things for the betterment of all. They love giving care and support as they are also focused on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. They make things happen for people, and get their best personal satisfaction from this. They sometimes feel quite lonely even when surrounded by people. They can also be creative and diverse individuals who always see the good in people as they seek to develop the potential within their relationships. They are so ecstatic with their plans for the future but they don’t do too much about it in their present.

Bear in mind that the Myers-Briggs type indicator does not assess pathology because it just groups people into 16 basic personality types based on four basic dimensions. In my own humble opinion, the results gave us somewhat mixed conclusions as some are true, some are not. My wife and I were laughing and oftentimes contradicting results because we know each other too well that we don’t really need any test or exam to know if we’re compatible or not. I just know we’re compatible because we’ve been very happily married for the last 20 years and that is through love, compromise and understanding.

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09 May

On the Road to Being Healthy

My wife and I have been trying to eat healthier as we had a neighbor who suffered a heart attack last week. She just had a sudden pain in right arm, then a heart attack. Fortunately, his wife was in the area and had the right mind to call 911. After a few minutes, the sounds of sirens surround our neighborhood. I was also alarmed that time as I thought there was a fire. I called my wife, Andrea, and she said I should go out. There were rumors that someone had a heart attack and had to be taken to the emergency room.

Minutes later, we had a talk that we have to take better care of our body. I obliged and suggested we refrain from eating processed foods and try to eat fresh, fibrous foods like fruits and vegetables. I also asked Andrea if she can abstain to eating red meats as it’s one of the leading causes of heart related diseases. We can just opt to eat leaner types of meat such as white meats of poultries. We can also try eating tofu instead. She told me we can try, but no promises as it’s going to be hard because we’ve been accustomed to eating red meat our whole lives. I am open to the challenge as it enables me to spend more time with our grandchildren. We just have to try it a day at a day.

The first day of our living healthier, I accompanied Andrea to the market to buy ingredients for an oriental baked fish recipe that she just got from the internet. We bought corianders, a big red snapper good for two, oyster sauce, garlic, peppercorns, fish sauce, lemon, chillies and a handful of fresh basil leaves. We were so excited and wary at the same time on changing our lifestyle. I was carrying the load of grocery bags to the car following Andrea as I ignore my itchy armpits. I was calling her and she thought there was something serious that I needed to say, then we had a good laugh about it.

When we got home, I started pre-heating the oven to 375 degrees while Andrea prepares the marinade for the fish. She mixed oyster sauce, soy sauce, garlic cloves, sugar, fish sauce, pepper, salt, chillies and lime juice and drizzled the marinade directly to the fish on both sides. She covered the whole fish with an aluminium foil to prevent unnecessary burning and to lock in the flavours. I put it into the baking tray and into the oven baking it for just 20 minutes.

We ate the red snapper with a side of red rice. Our first healthy dinner was scrumptious as it was a success. We are so happy that we tried eating healthy because it will benefit us longer lives. I know we still have more to do, but this is a good start for us. We told our children about it and were so thrilled to learn that we are trying to change our old ways for the better.

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03 May

A Curious Man

can dogs eat bananasI’ve been a dog person for so long and I just thought of a silly question, can dogs eat bananas? This question hounded me for days and I decided that it was time to get some real answers. I know that bananas are very nutritious and beneficial to people, but with dogs, I don’t know. I went to the pet shop in front of the hobby shop to ask the owner if he knows some knowledgeable people that can answer my query. He gladly gave me a number and an address of his friend and told me to tell the doctor that it was he who referred me. I thanked him and off I go. It took me quite a while to search his clinic address. I tried to call his phone, but it wasn’t ringing at all. I tried asking people on the streets for the location of the address and luckily, I found someone who knew.

The doctor was probably puzzled when he saw me because I didn’t look like I’m sick. He asked me if there is anything he can do for me and I told him that his friend pointed me out to him to answer and shed light on my issues. I found out that he used to be classmates with the pet shop’s owner back in middle school. He told me that dogs can also eat people food as long as its healthy but it should be moderated.

Banana is a one of the world’s healthiest food as it has loads of vitamins and minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium, sugar, soluble fiber, Vitamin B6, Folate, Iron, etc. Potassium helps the muscles and nerved to work properly while Manganese helps in the formation of connective tissues and the absorption of calcium to promote healthier and stronger bones. Magnesium, on the other hand, helps prevent osteoporosis, regulates hypertension, prevents cardiovascular diseases and even treats diabetes, migraines and insomnia. Vitamin B6 is also called Pyridoxine which helps maintain healthy and normal brain function, while Folate, or Vitamin B12 is key in the development of red blood cells or erythrocytes. A lack of this compound can make the body susceptible to cancer and other serious diseases. And lastly, Iron is essential for the proper growth and development of the human body. It helps metabolize proteins and plays a vital role in the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

With all the things he said about bananas, I could only just imagine how immense it would be if a dog would eat a banana a day as there are so many benefits he can get. He also shared with me that he prescribes vitamins for humans can also benefit animals like fish oil for dogs for a better and healthier skin.  It was fun meeting and talking to him as he was animated and gracious in dealing with a very curious, old man. I’ve learned so much from him in a very short period of time. By the way, I tried feeding a stray dog a banana, he just smelled it and go away. I think, it’s really an acquired taste just like us, human beings.

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