02 Apr

How to Build a Plastic Model Airplane from a Kit

Kids and adults alike find building model airplanes a fun and fulfilling hobby. However, if you are new to this hobby, you may find it hard to get started, so much more to finish your first model. But there are some helpful steps that can guide you.

Building a model airplane from a kit can be divided into four general steps and each step involves several sub-steps that you can easily follow through:

model airplane
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16 Apr

Top 5 Military Fighter Planes in the World

With all the wars happening in various parts of the worlds, some people have become curious about the military planes used to win respective battles. Military planes play a vital role in warfare as they are used to survey enemy locations and destroy enemy equipment among others. Various countries in the world develop their own military planes.

Based on armament, stealthiness, range, speed and technology, we have listed some of the best military fighter planes in the world:

1. F-22 Raptor (USA)

F-22 Raptor is a single-seat all-weather stealth fighter aircraft operated with twin engines developed for the US Air Force.
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09 May

Aquarium Therapy

My son, Brad has two children who also incidentally love pets like him. He went to the veterinarian for the quarterly checkup of his Rottweiler. His kids wanted to come along as he was also planning to visit the pet shop. His kids secretly wanted to new fishes for their aquarium because they felt that their current fishes were lonely. Brad asked his wife to accompany them because he was too tied up with the dog.

The whole family went out and waited for just 10 minutes for the check up. The kids were so excited to come to the pet shop. Brad and her wife knew practically what was going to happen and they were happy to see that their kids are also into pets. As the kids entered the shop, they were in awe as they were so many different animals to choose from. Dogs and cats from almost all sizes can be seen, hamsters, rabbits, mice, snakes and their most favourite of all, fishes. They can’t decide on what to get as they were so overwhelmed with the vast choices that the shop offers. They also sell dry and wet dog food, cat food, catfish bait, fishing rods, and even fishing apparels. Brad is good friends with the owner so he asked him to sway his kids to the right path.

The owner, Jeff is of late 40s. He inherited this business from his dad. He has been the owner for about 3 years now and it’s doing great. He’s even planning on expanding his business if their sales keep being consistent in their monthly quotas. He’s about 5’11 tall, lean, has a nerdy prescription glasses and charming smile which is essential for his kind of work. He waited for the kids to settle down and talked to them for a while about the reasons on why they want new fishes. He told them that pictus catfish is great for an aquarium fish but they can’t live with small fishes as they eat anything that fits into their mouth and that could be deadly with the small tetras. He also added that they are nocturnal and love to go under shades and rocks. They are also great cleaners as they eat fish pellets that go all the way to the bottom of the tank. He also recommended that they could get angelfish, cichlid, cory or even mollies. The kids decided to get African cichlids because of their personality. They thought that it’s going to be more fun watching them interacting with their guppies and tetras.

Brad’s kids were so eager to go home that they passed the opportunity to get some ice cream, their favourite. I didn’t expect that there would be a time that they’d ignore ice creams. Whenever I knew that those kids were going to visit here, we always stock up on ice cream. Now I don’t know what to stock up. Well, I can’t stock up on fishes. Time flies really fast. Just one week that I don’t see them and they seem to grow more and more.

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11 Apr

Sorry Loss

My neighbor Paul and I have been really good friends since we both retired as we both have a lot of time to hang out, unlike before, when we were so busy with our respective works. He used to work as a contractor, but recently, he chose to retire because he is not satisfied anymore with his everyday routines. He shared that he used to be so excited to wake up on mornings and something changed. His wife told him that it must be a sign to retire and finally pass the torch, so to speak, to their son who has been working with him in the field all his life. He finally decided that it is time to rest his weary body and told his only son about his decision. He shared that he is glad that they properly brought him up as a kind, generous and loving son because he often heard that only sons develop the Little Emperor Syndrome when growing up. I asked him how did they bring him up and he told me that they always see to it that they talk to their son about everything. He added that their son did not feel so alone because his cousin also lived with them when they were younger and they treated each other as brothers.

Recently, Paul’s son had a scary accident in the field. They rushed to get him to the hospital, but the doctors declared him dead on arrival. He had a massive blunt force trauma in the head because a construction equipment accidentally fell on his head. It was a good thing that someone already admitted his fault about the accident.

I have not seen Paul around our neighborhood since his son died, so I decided to give him a visit and see how he is doing. He was surprised that I gave him a visit. He really looked depressed, as he has not had a haircut since we last saw each other. He also looked like he is not eating as much because he is so thin. He thanked me for making time to visit him and he asked me how to get over someone priceless like his son. I did not know what to tell him so I just kept listening. He was trying hard not to be emotional about it and I told him that it is okay to cry because he feels pain. It took him a few minutes to compose himself. He asked me if we could get a drink and I told him that I have a couple of six-packs in my fridge at home.

We went to my home and I asked my wife if she could make us some snacks. Paul and I went to the balcony and talked things about our lives. I told him that it is okay to grieve over his loss, but he should also take care of himself because he still has a wife. He told me that I was right and he asked me if I could always accompany him because he feels so lonely.

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27 Mar

The Stress of Doing Nothing

I haven’t been myself lately as I always find myself anxious. I’ve also been moody and I feel often tired even if I haven’t done anything that strenuous. I almost always spend my entire day watching TV whenever I am not needed in the hobby shop.   I even experienced some chest pains from time to time. I am a bit alarmed on my situation since I have a family history of having hypertensions from my grandfather to my father. I hope it’s not hypertension because I don’t want my wife, Andrea to worry about me. I told my son Brad about it and he immediately offered to bring me to the hospital to meet with my doctor and ask him to come up with a proper and educated diagnosis since I don’t want to rely on just what we know. I was a bit panicking when we entered the hospital door. I felt so cold as my arms and feet were tingling. Brad asked someone from the hospital to get us a wheelchair as I can’t properly walk. Brad also told the receptionist to page Dr. Price, to tell that my dad needs his assistance. I was so stressed or maybe scared on what my doctor will tell me. Brad told me to just keep doing deep breathes to try myself to calm down.

After a minute, I’ve seen a doctor running towards us. He’s tall, lanky and wearing thick glasses. He looks like that he has just shaven this morning. He was wearing a white coat and has a pen pinned down on it. He quickly came down to me asking me what happened. I noticed that he was Dr. Price.   Brad made me drink water as we went to the doctor’s office. They let me relax as they talked about my condition. They took my blood pressure and it was 140/100mmHg. I was a little bit high but when I calmed down, it became normal, 120/80mmHg. After a good 30 minutes, I calmed down and I felt lots better.

I told Dr. Price about what happened and asked him to not tell my wife as I don’t want her to worry. I don’t want us both to have panic attacks. He told me that it was my choice. He told me that I might have experienced anxiety chest pain and I was also needed to get some blood workup and urinalysis to check if I have hypertension or not. After a few hours of waiting for the result, It was indeed a good news as I didn’t have hypertension. Dr. Price told me that I have anxiety maybe due to retiring as I was used to working every day. I may have problems dealing with that. He asked me if I felt useless because I wasn’t doing anything. He told me to enjoy my retirement because I deserved it because I’ve worked for over 30 years on a 9am – 5pm job. He also has to monitor me for a weekly diagnosis to know if I need supplements to deal with anxiety of not. It really felt good that I heard it from him that I didn’t have hypertension like my father. I think I have to buy more model planes for me to build to divert my attention.

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26 Feb

Not Convenient as I’ve thought

Twenty years ago when I was still working as a computer specialist, I used to spend most of my day sitting in front of my computer working. This led me to eating while working on my desk. I chose to get chips instead of the healthy ones because they are easier to eat. I just bought them at groceries, instead of asking my wife to cook or prepare me lunch or snacks. The problem was I had a hard time peeing because of it. I told my wife about it and she said that I should go to our family doctor as soon as possible because it could lead to kidney stones. She shared that her mom had a bad experience about such a disease because she waited for a long time before she got herself a consult. Her stone got so big that it would not fit into her urine tract, so she only had an option and that was surgery. I asked her about what do kidney stones feel like if her mom shared it to her and she said that she didn’t complain much about it because she didn’t want others to know about her real condition.

I was a bit worried about myself because I am suffering pain while urinating. I also noticed that I have a cloudy urine. I asked my wife to come along with me the next day, as I already filed a sick leave for myself. My wife agreed and she said that it is better to be diagnosed earlier to have better and less invasive treatments. We went to the hospital the next day and saw my doctor. He told me that for starters, I should quit eating chips and instead, I should eat healthier alternatives like fruits and veggies. He also advised me to drink water more than I am used to, because it would help me pass my stone, if there is such inside my body. He mentioned that I should not be so worried because we still are not sure about my condition. He added that if worst comes to worst, they are a number of home remedies for kidney stones that I could try like drinking a mixture of lemon and olive oil every day. He also added that I could make a tea out of basil leaves and take it for five to six months or I could eat watermelon every day because it has lots of water that would help me pass the stone easily with my urine. He told me that I would need certain exams like a simple urinalysis and a blood test to confirm it. He could also perform an abdominal x-ray to be thoroughly sure.

I thanked the doctor for telling me the scenarios that could happen. My wife and I went to the laboratory for my tests. I was told by the nurse that I could get my result in two hours. My wife asked me to come along with her to the cafeteria to get me some water. She explained that I should start drinking more water to alleviate my symptoms fast.

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11 Feb

Recovering Slowly

Ever since the talk that I had with Paul a few weeks ago, we have been jogging every morning as much as we can. I told him that exercise would give him many benefits, because it would produce endorphins in his body and it also would give him a better glow and a better state of mind. It worked for him because I have never seen him happier during the last few weeks.

Paul’s wife thanked me when she saw me on our lawn. She told me that I helped Paul to think straight. She added that when they lost their son, he did not have enough energy to stand up from his chair as he just slouched there for the whole day whining and ranting about everything. I told her that it is not a big deal because friends are supposed to help their friends in need. She almost forgot to mention that she came over because she is going to make a good, hearty dinner later and she wants my wife and I to come by. I told her thanks and I added that my wife would be thrilled to see them again.

I told my wife about it and she is so excited. She told me that she would be wearing a dress later and I just laughed at her because I am planning to wear my comfortable, raggedy clothes and we both snickered. I asked her if she could bake or cook something so that we have something to bring them. She said that she could not promise because she is going to be busy all day tending to our garden. I told her that I would do the gardening for her if that would give her ample time to make something for Paul and his wife and she agreed. She said that she plans to cook them some pasta with garlic bread on the side and it sounds fantastic.

We went to Paul’s home at 7am and their home smelled terrific. Paul told me that he grilled some steaks outside and her wife made some buttered veggies and pumpkin soup. My wife gave them the pasta that she made and Paul told us that we should not have. I joked that I am going to bring it back home and we all laughed. When we were eating, Paul shared that since we have been exercising every morning, he is experiencing a salty taste in mouth and I told him that he is not hydrating himself as much as he needs to. He is a bit concerned and I told him that it is not serious. I shared that I even had a weirder experience and he laughed. I told him that I am serious because I used to have metal taste in mouth when I was taking some antibiotics for my wounds a few months ago. I told them that I was so alarmed that I called my doctor right away about the symptom and I was told that it was just normal. I was also told to keep brushing and scraping my tongue because it is a common side effect of the drug. We all laughed at my silly experience.

My wife and I are so glad that Paul and his wife are recovering slowly about the death of their son. We plan to help them as much as we could and let them realize that everything happens for a reason. They may not know about it for now, but eventually, they would understand it as time goes by.

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27 Jan

Chester’s Problem Solved

My wife and I were strolling around the mall on a lazy Sunday afternoon and we saw promo girls giving out flyers about a free treatment on nodular acne and scalp acne if you present it to the clinic. I asked for a flyer as I remember our kid neighbor next door. His grandfather is a friend of mine and he mentioned a few weeks ago that his grandkid has problems with dealing with his acne as his family is prone with it from. It started with his grandfather’s dad and still going with him. People with acne sometimes develop low self esteem which might be a big problem for his as I seldom see him going out. Whenever I’m over their house, he is too shy to greet us thus locking himself in his own room.

As we got home, I got the flyer and headed down next door. I knocked and knocked but no one was answering. I waited for 5 minutes but still no one was at the door. I decided to come home and just give it later. It’s already 6pm and I saw my friend, Paul, the kid’s grandfather coming down in a car. I also saw his grandchild, Chester with him. I got out our house and called Paul. Chester quickly got into their home. I talked to Paul outside about the flyer. I told him that I got it for his grandson. He was so thankful and happy that I remembered his grandson but there were qualms about the flyer though. He asked me if they are free but unfortunately, I didn’t have a clue. I just told him to drop by the mall tomorrow to check it out. He agreed as I bid goodnight.

Paul tried his best to convince Chester to go with him to the mall and see what the fuss is about this free treatment. He told him that he has nothing to be scared and ashamed about because all goes through that and he has nothing to lose. He told his grandfather that he’ll sleep on it and see what happens tomorrow.

In the morning, Paul wasn’t hoping that Chester would change his mind. They ate breakfast as a family like the way they use to. Surprisingly, Chester brought the topic up as he changed his mind about it. He asked his grandfather if he can come along with him for the treatment if he wasn’t busy. Paul told him that he’d never be busy for his grandchild.   They went to the mall after breakfast. They saw a line for the free treatment. They also found out that it was really free but the catch was they must buy any item within the store, no matter how small or hefty the price is.   They both thought that it’s a good deal then they signed on a piece of paper that the promo girls gave them and they waited for a few minutes before getting called. After 45 minutes, some of his acnes cleared up. Chester was really satisfied about it and bought cleansers and cream from the shop. The dermatologist reminded him to always clean his face before going to sleep to avoid clogged pores which causes acne. Chester seemed different when I saw him get back home, less acnes and with better self-esteem.

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08 Jan

Avoiding Scalp Problems

My wife, Andrea recently bought me a new brand of shampoo. She told me she hasn’t seen my usual and reliable brand so she just got me one, so I have some to use. I’ve already used it for a few days, it’s really fragrant like strawberry candies. The problem is after each use, I observed that I my scalp is a little bit itchy and dry. There are times that I didn’t even notice that I’ve been scratching so much. I’ve ceased using the shampoo and been using my old reliable one. A few days later, I have scabs on the top of my scalp. The new brand is so fragrant that it had very strong chemicals that made my scalp so dry. I need to stock more on my usual brand because I observed that it has been getting on and off in the market, I wish they weren’t.

Besides scratching, there are other causes of scabbing on scalps such as shingles, eczema, oily scalp, and psoriasis. Shingles or Herpes Zoster normally occurs with people who have a weak immune system. Symptoms include sudden headache, flu, weakness and dizziness. You may also feel itching, pain and appearance of rashes in certain areas like the scalp, chest, arms and back. It is treated with anti-viral and pain relief medicines. Eczema, on the other hand, is an inflammation of the skin such as atopic dermatitis; Cause of it is idiopathic or unknown. Rashes commonly appear on the face, wrists, head, and feet. There is still no cure for the disease, but it can be managed with understanding the condition and avoiding the triggers causing it like soaps, fabric conditioners, food allergies and dust mites. Studies show that 1 out of 20 adults have one. Oily Scalps are caused by heredity, by brushing too often, stress, overactive hormones, diseases and disorders that affect the pituitary or adrenal gland. It can be countered with shampooing everyday, apple cider vinegar and aloe vera gel treatments, lemon treatments and also with the use of baking soda. And lastly, Psoriasis is caused by excessive smoking, cold weather, heredity, stress, viral infections and heavy alcohol consumption. Even though it still doesn’t have a cure, there are plenty ways to manage such a disease. There include topic treatments with salicylic acid, steroid based creams like corticosteroids, coal and tart shampoos and ointments, Vitamin A prescription retinoids.

My wife has been suffering drying scalp conditions too.   We’ve found dry scalp remedies that have worked wonders for us such as using tea tree oil, lemon juice and honey treatments, coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil treatments. I’ve also read that beer and avocado treatments work, but we still have to try them. In summary, we must know that scalp health is essential in terms of hair care because it establishes the volume and shine of one’s hair. The secret of a healthy hair is a healthy scalp, make sure it’s not clogged, always keep it clean and properly nourished. This will provide a healthy setting where your hair can grow beautifully.

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21 Dec

The Reason Why

My wife and I have not much to do in the house, so she made me tell stories about myself when I was just a kid. My wife was so surprised when I told her that I used to play sports like basketball when I was younger. She even asked me if I am serious and I told her that I am. I shared that I stopped playing because I suffered frequent pain between my shoulders(www.shoulderaches.net). My mom was worried about me back then and she accompanied me to the doctor right away, even though I did not want myself examined. When I look back, it was funny because she literally dragged me on the way to the car because I did not want to see a doctor. My dad interfered because he was awoken by the commotion and I did not have a choice because he is the disciplinarian and I am afraid of him. My mom was so glad that my dad woke up.

My mom and I went to the hospital. We waited for a while to see her doctor friend. After fifteen minutes, Dr. Martinez came out of her office and she was surprised to see my mom. She thought that my mom was going in for the consult and my mom told the doctor that it was I, who needs a consult because of my bad shoulder. The doctor was quite nice with me. She asked me about my shoulder injury and about what caused it. The doctor told me that I might have suffered a right shoulder subluxation. She added that I needed to get an x-ray to confirm her suspicions. She reminded me that it would just take a few hours of my time and it would not hurt. After a few hours, we got my x-ray result and the doctor read them to my mom and me. She told us that she was right. I was advised to take necessary precautions to prevent my injury to worsen. She advised me to wear a sling to make my right shoulder stable. It took me months before I could play sports again, but then, it became a recurring injury on my part. My mom and I went to the doctor again for a follow up consult and the doctor advised me to cease playing physical sports. He suggested to find myself another hobby and that led me addicted to model plane construction.

My wife laughed at the reason why I became addicted with model planes. She told me that she was so curious about why I am so engrossed about them, but she always failed to ask me about it because she thought that I would get offended about the question. I grinned and I asked her if she thought that I was a nerdy geek and we both laughed loudly. I told her that even sporty ones have been getting addicted to it as we also have customers at the shop who are varsity ballers. I suggested my wife to try it with me sometime and she told me that she would try.

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28 Nov

Postponed Meeting

I volunteer to the local hobby shop three times a week and it is really fun to meet other people with the same passion as mine. Some of the guys are planning to make a competition about building model planes specifically, speed model building. I am excited to know about it and I asked them if anyone could join because it has been a while since I entered a competition like that. They told me that I could join and they added that there would be age groups, so that the competition will be fair to all contestants. I am so thrilled about it and I was told that it would happen in two months. They told me that they would love to know my opinions and suggestions because I have been around many competitions. I told them that it is okay and I suggested that we have a meeting later at my place after work. They thanked and told me that they will continue to make their plans better.

The shop’s phone rang and I thought that it is just an innocent call who would just be asking about stocks and prices for the plane models for sale. My co-worker answered it and he told me that it is for me. I was surprised that it is my neighbor, Jackie. She told me that my wife had an accident when she was gardening in our backyard. I asked her about what kind of accident and she told me she had a foot  sprain and it is swelling a bit. I thanked and I told her that I would be coming home as soon as possible. I told my co-worker and friends that I have to attend to my wife. They asked me if our meeting later would be postponed and I said that I would update them as soon as I know the real condition of my wife.

I rushed to get home to my wife and I saw her smiling while sitting down on our couch. I asked her if she is okay and she said that she feels some pain on the affected area. I asked her where is Jackie and she told me that she is in our kitchen getting her some ice to put over her sprain. I went to the kitchen and thanked Jackie for all that she has done. I added that she could go home already because I can manage caring for my wife. She said that it is okay because she was already done with her chores and errands.

Jackie used to be a nurse at our local hospital and I am glad that she is here to take care of my beloved wife. She told me that my wife could take some over-the-counter pain relievers if she could not bear the pain anymore. She also added that I could have my wife get an x-ray to be sure that she does not have any fractures and sinus tarsi syndrome. My wife do not want to go, but Jackie insisted because she said that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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01 Nov

Itchy Ears

My son, Brad loves dogs and in fact, he occasionally breeds them for some easy cash. He posts them on forums on the internet and some online selling sites like Craigslist. He has two beautiful, majestic and muscular Rottweilers named Boom and Cookie. He often spends time with them at the park for training and exercise; sometimes, for socializing with dogs around our area. His wife jokes often than he loves his dogs more than himself, which Brad just laughs off as sometimes it may be true. Brad shared with me that he spends hundreds of dollars for their food, leashes, treats, vitamins and dog shampoos.

I remembered last time when his dogs became sick as they had a yeast allergy in their ears. The dogs kept scratching their ears until they bleed, it must be really that itchy. He hadn’t encountered this before, so he was worried about them. I told him that there’s a veterinary clinic few blocks away so he need not to worry so much as I’ve heard many good things about the veterinarian there. The doctor told us that it’s pretty common for dogs to have infection inside their ears. That made my son a bit calmer.

Dog ear problems always have something to do with food allergies or something they inhaled or contacted with their skin. The ear problem may be the symptom of the allergy. Since allergies changes the environment inside their ears, we sometimes see secondary infections with bacteria, yeast or both. If we simply handle the ear infection, we are not going to the source of the problem. Treating the allergy is also a must.

Yeast allergies in the ears of dogs occur when there’s a bacterial infection, a polyp or a tumor, or a punctured eardrum. Typically, dogs have a normal and healthy number of yeast in their bodies like humans, but when their immune system drops down dramatically, it may lead to yeast overgrowth or yeast infection. Signs and symptoms include scratches and wounds on the ear and pungent smells reminiscent of a moldy bread or a cheese flavored popcorn.

The dog’s diet must be drastically changed completely to get rid of the yeast infection. As we all know, yeast feeds on sugar, so let’s avoid feeding the dog carbohydrates for now. Examples of carbohydrates include rice, corn, bread, potatoes, pasta, yams, anything sweet, etc.

An allergy medicine for dogs can be a combination of anti-fungal and anti-biotic cream or ointment which is best recommended for yeast infections as it is directly applied into the infected area, which often has dramatic and positive results. This works through the action of the anti-fungal enzymes that completely break up the waxes and discharges inside the ears. Oral medicines such as antihistamines and steroids may also be used if itch and inflammation doesn’t go away easily. You also have to clean the dog’s ears regularly and make sure there are no ear waxes left inside as it may further aggravate the condition.

Brad was so happy that the condition and the treatment isn’t complicated. He was told to apply the cream two times a day for a week or so, until the pungent odor completely goes away. I hope, Brad’s dogs are now going to be itch free for the coming days ahead.

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